Monday, July 24, 2006

Home again

It's good to be home.

On Sunday afternoon, we celebrated our Tico Mom's birthday. Then we left for the airport to come home. The trip was quite uneventful.

The trip has helped develop my view of how cultures interact in appropriate Godly ways. Still in process . . . but these kinds of thoughts are on my road . . . I'm an American. I will always be an American. I need not be ashamed of or apologize for being an American (though some specific things I'd like to distance myself from). My friends in Costa Rica are Costa Rican. Will always be. Need not be ashamed of or apologize for being Costa Rican. We can experience and enjoy the differences without losing our unique distinctions and preferences.

God makes us each with certain cultural fingerprints (which are certainly dynamic, not static). Accepting people from different cultures, loving them, including them, etc. does not mean becoming like them. We should work to preserve the differences, but the beauty of each culture becomes more obvious when it is placed close the one next to it without melting into it.

There are good analogies in the artistic world. Blue is beautiful. But blue and yellow together are even more beautiful, especially if they stand side by side, without mixing. Two musical notes (or instruments) heard at the same time can be quite beautiful, and the beauty is enhanced by the difference preserved.

Enough theory, on to the practice.

Here is our Mamá Tica, Luz, and her three grandchildren, Tatiana, and Joanna holding Luis Javier.
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Luz's husband, Jorge, and their daughter, and her son.
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Carlos, 'Berto, and Tatiana drove us to the airport Sunday afternoon.
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