Monday, July 10, 2006

Manuel Antonio

This weekend we took a bus trip to Manuel Antonio National Park last weekend. On the map, the park is 35 miles away from our home (more or less). The bus trip took 4 hours. Mountain roads, no highway, lots of stops to let passengers off near their homes.

Unfortunately we did not see any monkeys. We did see a sloth, but he was pretty high in a tree, and we did not get a picture of him. We did see lots of really cool butterflies and lizzards, and tons of neat plants and trees. Also, the beaches were great. Beaches in Miami are really nice, too, but the waves of the Pacific are really high. I played in the waves, and a few were more than twice as tall as me. I was amazed. When the wave would hit, it would sweep me off my feet and toss me around so that I didnĀ“t know which way was down. Really fun.

Here are some pictures.

Part of the view after a long hike up and up and up.
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A new friend at lunchtime.
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Katherine enjoying the view.
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I think I might be in this picture, but maybe not.
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Blogger lrs said...

I'm not sure your siblings that enjoy the ocean would be brave enough to tackle those waves - except maybe Josh! We tried hard to see you but.. alas... gave up. I trust you will enjoy the rest of your time. It seems to be going so fast.

8:23 AM  
Blogger W Sofield said...

lrs, indeed it seems to be going fast.

On some of the beaches, the waves were less strong, and some were quite mild. It was a great park.

8:47 AM  

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